Atomic Layer Deposition Coating Services

Arradiance coating services leverage our extensive technical knowledge and over a decade experience solving Atomic Layer Deposition chalenges. The unique capabilities of our suite of GEMStar systems are used to deposit films with unique and superior properties. Onsite metrology and access to variety of analytical instrumentation allow rapid process development and execution. Specializing in high aspect ratio, high surface area applications, films have been developed for:

  • Moisture and diffusion barriers

  • Fuel cell electrolytes

  • Electrode coatings for supercapacitors

  • Conductive coatings for charge dissipation

  • Secondary electron emission control

  • Coatings for nanoparticle catalysts

  • XRAY optical components

  • Structural coatings for microlattice

  • Networked mesoporous polymer/carbon film.

ALD Coating Processes:

Representative examples of the growing list of ALD films processed in our systems:

Al2O3              Ta2O5             Pt

HfO2                TiO2                Ru

MgO                  Y2O3             WN

SiO2                 ZnO                Nanolaminates

SnO2                ZrO2

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