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GEMStar XT™ ALD Material Bottles

Meeting the challenge of today’s diverse research Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) needs over a broad range of substrates in a small system. Economical research-lab scale systems engineered for heavyweight tasks.

ARR-40591B-DOT Material Bottle

ARR-40591B-DOT is compatible with GEMStar 6/8 and GEMStar XT 4/6/8 systems.

Our empty Material Bottle is DOT4B Certified and sized for our research-lab scale systems. It includes the Cylinder, manual valve, VCR gaskets and caps allowing loading of material from your choice of chemical supplier.

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NEW! GEMStar empty DOT4B Certified Cylinders can be purchased directly through Precision Fabricators Ltd.
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NEW! GEMStar DOT4B Certified bottles can be purchased directly through Strem Chemicals, Inc.
95-0281 Cylinders (CVD/ALD) filled with the Chemical Formula you require
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ARR-850593 Heater Jacket

ARR-850593 Heater Jacket is compatible with GEMStar 6/8 and GEMStar XT 4/6/8 systems.

Our Material Bottle Heater Jacket is user relocatable within the GEMStar system to allow any ALD material bottle port location to be a heated zone on either the Metal/Organic Manifold or the Oxidizer/Reducer Manifold. GEMStar XT allows up to four simultaneous material heated zones.

Engineered to minimize cold spots for our Material Bottle, the 120V 145W with Integrated RTD allows pre-cursor material to be heated up to 200C with touch safe operation of the manual bellows bottle valve knob.

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