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GEMStar XT Thermal

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GEMStar XT HP™ 500ºC Heated Platen Option

Meeting the challenge of today’s diverse research needs over a broad range of substrates in a small system. Economical systems engineered for heavyweight tasks.

The GEMStar XT HP Heated Platen Option is designed to offer GEMStar XT Benchtop ALD Systems the ability to achieve higher processing temperature than standard. Although not required for most ALD or PEALD processing, this option will allow single substrate processing up to 500 °C while maintaining reactor near manifold temperature.

GEMStar XT 6,8 and PEALD Compatibility
500 °C Maximum Control Temperature
Can be easily swapped with STD GEMStar XT system door
Same easy to load substrate capability as STD GEMStar XT

GEMStar XT Heated Platen Option

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