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GEMStar XT LL™ Benchtop Load Lock Option

We design Benchtop / Desktop Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) Process Systems for both Thermal ALD and PEALD applications. Much smaller than competitors, our research-lab scale systems deposit uniform oxide, nitride and conductive thin films.

When we say Benchtop.......We mean it!

The GEMStar XT LL Option allows for a molecular clean vacuum transfer of a substrate sample from your lab atmospheric environment into the GEMStar XT ALD processing reactor without exposing the reactor to potentially harmful effects of airborne molecules such as H2O.

In addition, as sample cooling occurs in the load lock, ihe environment is the inert gas (N2 or Ar) input to the Load Lock System, typically the same as GEMStar XT carrier gas input.

GEMStar XT LL Load Lock System

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