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Why Atomic Layer Deposition?
The inherent strengths of ALD technology: materials availability for much of the periodic table, conformality, ability to adapt to various substrates (from particles to wafers), uniformity, pinhole free, repeatability, robustness and scalability have created broad interest in many fields. Arradiance process and equipment technologies were forged in the most challenging ALD Nanofilm environment: electrically functional nanofilms on substrates possessing both high surface areas (>9m2) and high aspect ratios (>>100:1). Arradiance foundry services, grants customer access to the process, equipment and intellectual property that is at the core of the company.

Standard, rapid turn, ALD nanofilms
Arradiance foundry services offers a menu of standard nanofilm coatings, developed and used extensively for and by Arradiance and its customers. The Nanofilms available a la carte, include (but are not limited to): Al2O3, Ta2O5, Pt, HfO2, TiO2, Ru, MgO, Y2O3, WN, SiO2, ZnO, SnO2 and ZrO2. A more extensive, updated list is available from Arradiance Foundry services. In addition, Arradiance scientists possess extensive experience with nanolaminates and nanoalloys of these films, having developed, patented and licensed the first commercial ALD Nanofilms comprised of nanolaminates and nanoalloys. ...Lean more

JDP Foundry Service
Arradiance Foundry services works closely with customers to develop new, functional nanofilms that possess customer targeted attributes providing a wide range of technology solutions thanks to the unique capabilities of ALD. ...Lean more

Pilot and Volume Manufacturing
Following successful nanofilm development and testing, Arradiance offers multiple paths for Customers to include pilot manufacturing and on to full-scale production ...Lean more