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GEMStar XT Benchtop Atomic Layer Deposition Particle Coating Options

GEMStar XT ALD Systems Equipped With Particle Coating Option
The most capable compact system on the market

The Arradiance GEMStar XT product family delivers high quality performance in a compact Benchtop platform. Now with more configurable options to meet specific Customer requirements and budgets, we are confident that GEMStar can take your ALD research or low volume manufacturing to the next level.

Engineered with the flexibility required for research not only planar or high aspect ratio structures and substrates, XT systems can be configured adding a rotational-mixing particle canister as part of the reactor door. This option allows the system to process 10 ml of particles simultaneously or separately with conventional substrates.

When your research requires a system with maximum flexibility for thin film development on various substrates covering a wide range of applications including Protective Coatings, Structural and functional coatings, Semiconductor and Energy, Arradiance GEMStar XT systems can address the needs either on a Benchtop or coupled with a Glovebox.

Other particle coating options are available. For more information please: Contact Arradiance