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GEMStar XT Recommended Vacuum Pumps and Traps

The combination of the ARR-EBARA EV-A10-2S-P EBARA DRY Pump and our ARR-RD003000 Dry Pump Multi-Trap was engineered by Arradiance to provide optimum process process performance and low maintenance without sacrificing reliability

This combination is being used in our service chase and even under heavy use, we have eliminated pump failures though power unexpected outages and factory shut downs

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Optimum for both Thermal and PEALD processes
The EBARA EV-A10-2S-P offers 35 CFM pumping Speed and N2 Gas Ballast
To extend pump life due to process contamination, Arradiance highly recommends the ARR-EV-A10-2S-P-EPP Enhanced Dry Pump Package option
ARR-RD003000 Dry Pump Multi-Trap ARR-RD003000 Dry Pump Multi-Trap
The XT MULTI-TRAP system is designed to protect your ARR-EV-A10-P from ALD processing damage and minimize pump exhaust vapors

Engineered specifically for GEMStar XT and XT-P to minimize conductance loss
Provides both stainless steel gauze and activated charcoal filters
Allows filter replacement without the need to shut down the pump
On board digital vacuum gauge for pump vacuum performance monitoring
ARR-EV-A10-2S-P-EPP Enhanced Dry Pump Package ARR-EV-A10-2S-P-EPP Enhanced Dry Pump Package
The Arradiance Enhanced dry Pump Package combines our separate products into a single a single offering that will minimize your maintenance costs at a great value