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2020 MST, XPS characterization of Al2O3 ZnO ultrathin films grown by atomic layer deposition, Ferguson et al
2020 MST, Structural and Optical Properties of (Zn,Mn)O Thin Films Prepared by Atomic Layer Deposition, Ghods et al
2020 MST, Field-Effect Passivation of Metal n-GaAs Schottky Junction Solar Cells Using Atomic Layer Al2O3-ZnO Films, Ferguson et al
2020 USTC, Uncovering near-free platinum single-atom dynamics during electrochemical hydrogen evolution reaction, Yao et al
2019 USTC, The Mechanistic Process Analysis and Temperature Effect in a Low Pressure Atomic Layer Deposition Reactor, Lu et al
2019 USTC, Quasi Pd1 Ni single atom surface alloy catalyst enables hydrogenation of nitriles to secondary amines, Wang et al
2019 USTC, Precise Tailoring of Ir-FeOx Interfaces for Improved Catalytic Performance, Lu et al
2019 USTC, Atomically dispersed platinum supported on curved carbon supports for efficient electrocatalytic hydrogen, Song et al
2019 USTC, Highly Active and Stable Metal Single-Atom Catalysts Achieved by Strong Electronic Metal-Support Interactions, Lu et al
2019 UofSC, Space-Efficient SnO2 for BiVO4 Architectures for Photoassisted Water Splitting, Stefik et al
2019 Arradiance at MIT, Atomic Layer Deposition Pioneering Research with Atomic Scale Precision, Lushington et al
2019 MIT, Soft nanocomposite electroadhesives for digital micro-nanotransfer printing, Hart et al
2019 Arradiance, ALD+MLD on Lithium A Practical Approach Enabling Long Lasting, High Energy Density Batteries, Lushington et al
2019 Arradiance, Accelerating beam generation by dielectric metasurfaces fabricated through low temperature ALD, Li et al
2019 Arradiance-Euris, ALD – Enabling the Frontiers of Energy Research, Hansen et al
2019 Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, Highly Efficient Monolithic perovskite Silicon Tandem Solar Cells, Albrecht et al
2019 TSU, Low temperature atomic layer deposition of zirconium oxide for inkjet printed transistor applications, Chen et al
2019 USTC, Atomically dispersed iron hydroxide anchored on Pt for preferential oxidation of CO in H2, Lu et al
2018 Northeastern University, Porous Zero-Mode Waveguides for Picogram-Level DNA Capture, Wanunu et al
2018 FAU, Spin-hall-active platinum thin films grown via atomic layer deposition, Bachmann et al
2018 FAU, Highly Reversible Water Oxidation at Ordered Nanoporous Iridium Electrodes, Bachmann et al
2018 FAU, Direct oxygen isotope effect identifies the rate-determining step of electrocatalytic OER, Bachmann et al
2018 UWO, A high-energy sulfur cathode in carbonate electrolyte, Sun et al
2018 Nagoya Univ, Fabrication of silicon nanowire based solar cells using TiO2-Al2O3 stack thin films, Kurokawa et al
2018 UWO, High Capacity, Dendrite-Free Growth, and Minimum Volume Change Na Metal Anode, Sun et al
2018 Stanford, Recombination Contact to Realize Monolithic Perovskite Tandems With Common p-Type Silicon Solar Cells, Bush et al
2018 UWO, Robust Metallic Lithium Anode Protection by the Molecular Layer Deposition Technique, Sun et al
2017 UofSC, Surface Functionalized Bismuth Vanadate for Phase Pure Scheelite, Stefik et al
2017 Stanford, 23.6% efficient monolithic perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells with improved stability, McGehee et al
2017 USTC, Bottom-up precise synthesis of stable platinum dimers on graphene, Junling Lu et al
2017 USTC, Single-Atom Pd-graphene Catalyst Achieved by ALD, Junling Lu et al
2017 UWM, Field-Effect Transistor Biosensor for Rapid Detection of Ebola Antigen, Chen et al
2017 Arradiance, Total-Dose Radiation Response of Atomic Layer Deposition Al2O3 Films
2017 Arradiance, Physics with and Physics of Atomic Layer Deposited Nanofilms
2017 Argonne, Incorporation of Al or Hf in atomic layer deposition TiO2, Shi et al
2017 UofSC, Surface functionalized ALD of bismuth vanadate for single-phase scheelite, Stefik et al
2016 Argonne, Investigating compositional effects of ALD ternary dielectric Ti-Al-O
2016 UTSC, ALD on Pd nanocrystals forming Pd-TiO2, Lu et al
2016 Cornell, A streamlined approach to particle ALD coating
2016 Western University, Safe and durable high-temperature lithium-sulfur batteries
2016 Arradiance, Optimization of ALD Al2O3 for Surface Passivation of Solar Cell
2016 UofSC, Atomic Layer Deposition of Bismuth Vanadates for Solar Energy Materials, Stefik et al
2016 USTC, Activating Edge Sites on Pd Catalysts
2016 USTC, Au Particle Size Effect on TiO2‑Coated AuTiO2
2016 USTC, Core-shell Si@TiO2 nanosphere anode...Li-ion batteries
2016 USTC, Precisely Applying TiO2 Overcoat on Supported Au Catalysts
2016 Brigham Young, Atomic Layer Deposition of Hafnium Dioxide on Carbon Nanotube Arrays...
2016 Vanderbuilt, Ultrafast triggered transient energy storage
2016 Maryland University, Tuning external surface of unit-cell thick pillared MFI and MWWzeolites ...
2016 OSU, Atomic layer deposition of two dimensional MoS2
2015 Argonne, ZnO functionalization of multiwalled carbon nanotubes
2015 LBL, Role of TiO2 Surface Passivation
2015 CNF, GEMStar ALD System
2015 UWO, A novel approach in controlling the conductivity of thin films using MLD
2015 Arradiance, Low-Temperature Atomic Layer Deposition of Platinum Using trimethylplatinum and Ozone
2015 Argonne, Catalyst synthesis and evaluation using an integrated ALD synthesis–catalysis tool
2015 USTC, ALD of single atom Pd on grapheme
2015 Argonne, Prediction and accelerated laboratory discovery of heterogeneous catalysts
2015 UAH-Nanotechnology, ZnO porous carbon by ALD, electrochemical catalyst for Li-O2 battery
2015 Hefei National Laboratory, Precisely controlled porous alumina over coating
2015 USTC, Precisely-controlled synthesis of Au@Pd via atomic layer deposition
2015 FAU, Systematic increase of electrocatalytic nanoporous platinum surfaces
2014 Stanford, Bifacial solar cell with SnS absorbed by vapro transport deposition
2014 Arradiance, Large Area MCPs Coating by ALD
2014 MIT, Enabling Ideal Selective Solar Absorption with 2D
2014 Northwestern, Low-Pressure Titanium Tetraisopropoxide on Oxidized Molybdenum
2014 Western University, Superior stable sulfur cathodes of Li–S batteries
2014 Nagoya University, Development of the MCP-PMT for the Bell
2014 Panda, Breakthrough in the Lifetime of Microchannel-Plate
2014 Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Platinum ALD
2014 Oregon State, Improved oxidation resistance of composite ALD coated cellulose nanocrystal aerogels
2014 Stanford, A New Resist for Area Selective ALD on Metal−Dielectric Patterns
2014 Arradiance, Low Temperature (LT) Thermal ALD Silicon Dioxide Using Ozone Process
2014 Arradiance, Low Temperature (LT) Thermal ALD Oxides Using Ozone Process
2014 Boston College, Selective Deposition of Ru Nanoparticles
2013 Photek, Extended lifetime MCP-PMT measurements of ALD coated MCP, in a photomultiplier tube
2013 Photek, A square, multi-anode, long life MCP-PMT for the detection of Cherenkov photons
2013 Arradiance, High Surface Area(HAS) Process Optimization Using Anodic Aluminum Oxide
2013 Arradiance, Cryogenic single particle detection by high aspect ratio ALD of functional nanofilms
2013 PANDA-Lifetime of MCP-PMTs
2013 Northeastern University, Slow DNA Transport through Nanopores in Hafnium Oxide Membranes
2013 Boston College, Solar Hydrogen Generation by Silicon Nanowires
2013 Boston College, Site-Selective Deposition of Twinned Platinum Nanoparticles on TiSi2
2013 HRL Laboratories, Microlattices as architected thin films
2013 Photek, Extended lifetime MCP-PMTs
2012 Maryland Univ, Reflective coating for lightweight x-ray optics Chan
2012 Arradiance, Extreme surface area microchannel plate device fabricated with ALD
2012 OSU, Improved Temperature Stability of ALD Coated Cellulose Nanocrystal Aerogels
2011 Arradiance, Platinum Thin Film Properties in HAR Structure with Process Condition
2010 Arradiance, Plastic Microchannel Plates with Nano-engineered
2010 Arradiance, Plastic Microchannel Plates with Nano-engineered(Poster)
2010 Arradiance, Engineered Nanofilms for improved MCP performance in Mass Spectrometry
2010 Arradiance, ALD of SnO2 as active component of Plastic Microchannel-Based Fast Neutron Detector
2009 Arradiance, Characterization of MgO from Magnesium Bis(Di-secbutylacetamidinate) and Water
2009 Arradiance, Novel Fast Neutron Counting Technology for Efficient Detection of Special Nuclear Materialsl
2009 Arradiance, Novel Plastic Microchannel-Based Direct Fast Neutron Detection
2009 Arradiance, A Nanotechnology Face-Lift for MCPs
2009 Berkeley SSL-UCB, ALD/Incom MCP Test, Space Sciences Laboratory
2009 Arradiance, Novel microchannelplate device fabricated with atomic layer deposition
2008 Arradiance, Nano-engineered ultra high gain microchannel plates
2008 Arradiance, Presentation Nano-engineered ultra high gain microchannel plates