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Foundry Services - Rapid Turn ALD Nanofilms

Arradiance scientists possess extensive experience with nanolaminates and nanoalloys having developed, patented and licensed the first commercial ALD Nanofilms comprised of nanaolaminates and nanoalloys. Specific examples of standard nanofilm offerings include:

Protective Coatings
    o Barrier films for moisture, ionizing radiation and oxidizing environments
    o Encapsulation and conductive coatings for polymers
    o Insulative and triboelectric coatings
Structural and functional coatings
    o high rate genetic sequencing applications
    o print head applications
    o Ultralight structural coatings
    o Bio-Medical coatings
    o High k dielectric films
    o Metal gates for III-IV
    o Schottky Tunnel Contacts
    o Charge dissipative films
    o Anode coatings
    o Transparent conducting oxides: ITO, AZO